We have the power to add custom fields for whatever your needs might be, and as many
fields as you might have.

Ex. Get the full mailing address and email of everyone that registers plus the registrants
position within the organization, and maybe
even their birthday which can be used for promotional giveaways.

As you set up payment options for attendees,
we can structure various payment choices for
you. With the use of VeriSign authorization,
your transactions are fully protected.  Or
perhaps, you'd prefer to process your credit
card requests through immediate or delayed services.  ResRunner can also be the collector
of personal checks from attendees.

Ex. Your function will cost a registrant a certain dollar amount, based on travel, housing, et al.
With the professional staff at ResRunner, we
can determine an appropriate price point to encompass group savings and as many or as
few other services you elect to offer. That final dollar amount will then be posted on the website where registrants will register and commit to payment options. Remember, ResRunner wants
our clients to have an extensive menu to choose from.  Rest assured, we will do our part to fulfill
all of those options you choose for each and
every event. 

Unlike many solutions that are availible today, ResRunner has staff members answering the phones 24 hours 24/7. If you have important questions or issues that need to be resolved,
we are there for you.


ResRunner was created to track and organize meetings and events - we are not your run of the mill Travel agency. With site research, contract negotiation, great rates and
any piece of a project that you need help with,
we offer our clients complete support. This is
what separates us from the competition.

Ex. Maybe you have previously secured the
venue. ResRunner has the ability to fulfill any
other process you might find you need. Even
if all of your travel and housing needs are taken care of - our online registration services are a
great way to monitor or control anything you
wish, plus  keep your financial information secure.

ResRunner can tailor the style of your event
pages to match your company, school, or any desired look and feel that works for your event.
We can even place graphics and ads on your
pages to help defray the costs!   

Ex. Your college is hosting a sporting event. ResRunner can match your school colors and
also put logos and associated pictures on your pages so that you have a professional uniform look.

Data analysis for your event can help you not
only control your event costs, but also help
you plan for future events. ResRunner has the capability to track data and create various and customizable reports at any time.

Ex. After your event, you find that most people stayed at a certain hotel and paid a certain way.
By trapping data like this, it makes it easier for
you to plan your next event around the
preferences of your attendees.