Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be able to run ResRunner?

ResRunner is an internet based software solution, so an internet connection is essential. While we recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome, ResRunner has been proven to provide full functionality across all modern web browsers and major operating systems. Because of this, ResRunner can be accessed and utilized from any device able to access and browse the internet.

My registration process is unique, can ResRunner handle complex events?

We hear this a lot and understand the complexities surrounding every registration process. Whether it be date specific “early bird” rates, cancellation penalties by percentage or dollar amount, various registration paths determined by attendee type or responses to questions, pre-populated member database information…ResRunner can handle the extreme demands of any meeting planner, event or organization.

Can I have multiple hotels associated with one event?

Yes. ResRunner’s housing module offers you the flexibility to add an unlimited number of hotels to any event. We have clients who build events spanning multiple cities and multiple hotels, all of which can be arranged from one central portal.

Does ResRunner handle unlimited room block/sub-blocks?

Yes. ResRunner provides you with the ability to add unlimited blocks and sub-blocks for each property. Our system makes it easy to set up and manage even the most intricate room blocks.

Do I have to manage any API’s between the three systems?

No. Gone are the days where you have to send request to your IT department or various vendors to set up Application Program Interfaces (API’s) to numerous systems in order to manage a single event. The purpose of an API is to eliminate the re-keying of data by attendees from system to system and an attempt at consolidating reports for meeting planners. ResRunner achieves all of this without needing to involve any API’s.

*While ResRunner can incorporate all functions without AIP’s, we recognize some organizations are not in a position to switch housing and/or travel systems, so we do offer API’s from ResRunner to applications like Passkey, NuTravel and Salesforce. However we take pride in the fact that our registration, housing, and travel can be managed from one portal, eliminating the re-keying of data for attendees and allowing reports to be generated with ease. 

We leave travel up to our attendees, do we have to use the air booking engine?

No. ResRunner offers you the flexibility to turn on or off the housing and travel engines on a per event basis. Many clients choose to leave the air travel engine on, giving attendees the choice to book on their own or fulfill registration, housing, and travel in one simple transaction. 

Can we build custom reports in ResRunner?

Yes. ResRunner comes fully loaded with over 40 canned registration, housing and travel reports. Pre-filters can be used to tailor the results of these reports to return only the information you require. Additionally, event organizers have the ability to create fully customized reports using any fields, which can be saved and used in the future. All reports can be extracted in a .csv, .xls, or .html format. Our reporting engine is robust and easy to use, making it simple for you to create custom reports for unique and specific scenarios.

What other services does ResRunner offer?

ResRunner is a technology platform designed and developed by WorldTEK Event and Travel Management. For 50+ years WorldTEK has been a leading supplier of event and travel management services focusing on universities, athletic organizations and associations. Today, WorldTEK has evolved into a truly unique event and travel management company with proprietary technological solutions that are unrivaled within the industry. As the company and its client base grew over time so did the inherent need for seamless 24-hour and emergency support. Responsively, WorldTEK created full-service solutions to meet the growing requirements of our clients including one of the first and only 24-hour reservation centers on the East Coast. WorldTEK offered this round-the-clock functionality long before other event and travel management companies were even talking about the “24/7 dilemma”. The combination of this rich history, technological expertise, extensive service continuum, a reputation for unsurpassed quality and customer service has made WorldTEK a premier event and travel management company.

WorldTEK Event and Travel Management Services include:

  • Venue selection
  • Hotel contract negotiation and management
  • Overall event planning and management
  • Moderator, speaker and panelist support
  • Sponsorship and exhibition sales and support
  • Delegate sales, registration, housing and travel management
  • Budget and financial management
  • Post event services
  • And much, much more

To learn more about WorldTEK, please visit 

How much does ResRunner cost?

Pricing varies on several criteria, including:

  • Number of registrants per event, or total reservations processed annually.
  • Whether or not your organization chooses to use our payment merchant gateway or your own merchant account.
  • ResRunner can be used at a reduced rate when hotel contract negotiations are outsourced to our parent company: WorldTEK Event and Travel Management.
Is there an example of a registration site I could look at?

Absolutely! We created a demo site just for this purpose. Feel free to create a booking using any information you like. We also have a collection of sample sites which are real registration sites created and used for past events.

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