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Event Management Made Easy

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Online Registration

• Create customized, brand specific websites.
• Automate email confirmations and alerts.
• Populate profiles with member, invite, or other lists.
• Easily search to locate specific bookings or groups.
• Detailed history of updates and changes in each record.

Housing and Room Block Management

• Manage various room types and multiple hotels.
• Track guest, staff, and other room inventories in real time.
• Display room categories based on attendee types.
• Generate detailed rooming and change list reports for hotels.
• Room Block summary and statistic reports to track attrition.


• Allow airfare to be booked during registration.
• Populate itinerary details, personal information, and other predetermined fields.
• Book rental cars and other methods of transportation.

Payment Collection

Securely collect payment in real time with a seamless interface to either your payment processor or ours.

Credit Cards

• All major cards including Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover.
• Accept US and International currencies.
• Pre-set policy, or manually issue refunds to credit cards online.

And More

• Accept Cash and Check as a method of payment for registration.
• Create any type of custom payment methods.
• Manage and create discount codes.
• Direct deposit into your bank account.


ResRunner offers a suite of over 40 canned reports with separate pre-filters. In depth customized reports can also be created and tailored to your specific needs.

• Registration reports including attendee lists, registration option changes, statistics, and summaries.
• Financial reports by booking, consolidating event snap shot, new sales, sales per day, and amount remaining reports.
• Custom report builder to create custom excel reports using any field.
• All reports can be viewed in HTML, Excel, Word, or CSV formats.

Multiple Accounts and Security Access

• Multiple user logins provided to access all event information.
• Multi-level security role assignments designated by login.
• Control which events each user has access to.


• Direct link from booking to check in attendee.
• Records date and time along with user who touched record.
• Badge print link, maps desired fields into badge template for ahead of time or on-demand printing.

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